Now that you have made your Will, you should not remove the staple, mark the Will or attach anything to the Will, not even by paper clips.

Your Will should be kept somewhere safe from fire, theft or accidental destruction.

You should tell your executor and your family where your Will is kept. It is important that the Will is able to be found easily when needed.

I recommend that you review your Will every two or three years. If you are satisfied that no changes are required you can put it away again. However, you should consult a solicitor if any of the following occurs: if you marry or divorce, if you change your name or if anybody in the Will changes their name, if an executor dies or becomes unwilling to act as executor, or if a beneficiary dies.

If you wish to change your Will you should consult a solicitor. Even the simplest changes to your Will must be correctly done or they may have disastrous results.

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