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Set out below is a quick summary for the new financial year’s filing and search fees for various authorities. It is not a complete list but does cover many of the main items.

The figures are intended to be current as at 1 July. They will change in due course and several of them are likely to change from 1 January. The probate application fee in particular is set to increase dramatically from 1 January and although the Family Law Federal Circuit Court fees have not changed (the regulations were disallowed) an update may yet happen. [Update 23/7: The Family Law fees have gone up, at least for now as they Senate may disallow them again]

[Update 12/8: The saga continues. The Senate has disallowed the Family Law fees again and I have adjusted the list below accordingly. At this point it would be wise to check the court’s website immediately before filing in case there are further unplanned changes, although I do expect it will be a while before any further regulations are put through.]

Application fee $1,114
Caveat $33.70
Summons $284
State courts
Supreme Court $2,379 / $3,357
District Court $1,192 / $1,679
Magistrates Court $299 / $506
Minor civil action $138
Bill of costs $71.50
Searches $22.70
Copies $4.60 / $7.60 pp
Transcript $15.40 pp
Federal Circuit Court – Family Law***
Divorce $280 / $845
Single application $320 / $340
Property and childrens application $530 / $640
Conciliation conference $370
Federal Circuit Court – Other
General fee $600 / $1,445
Interlocutory fee $350 / $870
Bankruptcy application $1,410 / $3,385 / etc.
Conciliation conference $370
General LTO fee $155
Substitute/new CT $82
Return of cancelled CT $32.25
Title search $27.25 / $32.50
Document image $10
Priority notice $20
SA Water certificate of charges $17.50
Special meter reading $16.40
Land tax certificate $31.25
ESL certificate $14.90
Section 7 fees ($330.25 to $452.75)
Property interest report $279
Council search $20 (urgent $30)
Council certificate of charges $31.25
Strata/Community title documents $60 (plus $6 GST if applicable)
Community title by-laws $46.50

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