The mantra of Montague Law is “Sensibly priced legal services”. Our commitment is to provide professional services at rates that are more affordable than most other law firms.

The benchmark for charging for legal fees in South Australia is the Scale of Fees set by the Supreme Court. Most firms charge at or (significantly) above the scale for most types of work. We charge at least 10% below the scale, always.

We provide fixed rates for simple, standard types of work, and those prices are listed below. Where we cannot provide a fixed fee we will give you an estimate and keep you updated if the estimate needs to change.

We wouldn’t say that we are providing cheap legal services, if there is such a thing, but we do want our charges to be reasonable, because we believe that everyone should have access to legal services. For this reason, we offer concession card holders discounts for many types of work. Montague Law also offers packages which bundle important necessary documents together at a more cost effective rate.

First free interview

We also offer a 30 minute first free interview.

During this first consultation potential clients are provided with preliminary information about how matters similar to their own ordinarily proceed. Although we will not be able to provide you with considered or specific advice in relation to your matter in such an appointment, we can provide information about the steps and costs that might be required to ensure that your matter can proceed effectively and efficiently.

The interview is obligation free and any engagement with you would then be subject to us entering into a mutually agreeable costs agreement with you.


These rates cover the preparation of typical simple documents, but additional charges apply where your affairs are legally complex, require considered drafting for your particular requirements, or where searches, interpretation or out of office visits are required.

Base rates for simple documents

  • Single Will – $375
  • Single package – Will with Power of Attorney and Advance Care Directive – $580
  • Couple Wills – $620 per couple
  • Couple package – Wills with Powers of Attorney and Advance Care Directives – $880 per couple
  • Power of Attorney (standalone) – $250
  • Advance Care Directive (standalone) – $250

Concession Rates

For concession card holders we discount our fees by 10% (does not apply for third party costs or other disbursements such as searches and lodgement fees).

Deceased estates

Simple Grant of Probate – $2,000 (incl. GST)

Simple Grant of Letters of Administration – $2,000 (incl. GST)

The circumstances of the Will (if any), the assets of the estate and your own circumstances will determine whether an application is simple. Homemade and Will-kit Wills generally require additional work and cost. These prices do not include assistance with the administration of the estate. A filing fee is payable for grant applications (varies between $869 and $3,475 as at 1 July 2021) and search costs may apply.